Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome to the DarkSide

DarkSide Publishing has one goal - to provide you with quality ebook literature.  Our list of talented authors are working together out of the pure love of literature to make sure we produce our very best for you.  We are currently starting our list with young adult titles, but will leave room for expansion in the future.  Please browse the site and familiarize yourself with our authors and book titles.  Our ebooks are available in many formats including Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  Some titles will also be available in paperback.  We will post information about our upcoming releases on the DarkSide Publishing blog, including covers, book trailers, and sneak peeks as well as interviews our authors participate in and reviews our books receive.

Again, we welcome you to the DarkSide and hope you'll stay awhile.

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  1. I was lead to your site by Karly's posts on JA's blog, and I think you have a unique idea here that certainly can help the budding e-author. Anyone who follows Joe's blog will consider e-pubbing as a first step, and your experience about the pubbing game (how to format for e-readers, how to get a cover, make vids and social networking, etc.) is valuable. Perhaps you will charge a fee to help new authors with this "nuts and bolts" end of things, and that would be reasonable and expected.

    I happen to live in Geneva, and am working on my first adult fiction novel, and plan to polish it at Antioch Writers' Conf in July and hope to have a working manuscript by end of summer. Since you're so close and so knowledgeable, I may have to contact Darkside Publishing (if you're doing adult lit by then--my novel is darkside about a rogue sheriff with iron-fisted rule of a small midwestern town, and when he "goes bad", the town must react. It has some blood.)

    Congratulations to you, Darkside Publishing. Wishing you the very best going forward in 2011. I look forward to your posts about a business model (e.g. percent of sales? Flat fee?) for the services you render. Steve