Friday, April 1, 2011

March was a HUGE Success!!!!

By the end of March, DarkSide Publishing had three titles available for purchase:

The Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching
Anathema by Megg Jensen
Into the Shadows by Karly Kirkpatrick

In one month we sold a combined total of just over 300 copies! Not bad for a seasoned title (Into the Shadows), a recent release (Anathema), and a debut (The Soulkeepers).

In a few days Angela Carlie will release her novel Dream Smashers, which is already receiving some really great buzz from book bloggers. We expect our sales to be soaring in April!


  1. Congrats! Everyone that is very exciting news :-)

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  3. Congratz Ladies--you deserve it! :-)

  4. Congrats! Yes, you definitely deserve it!