Friday, July 22, 2011

New Release: Sleepers by Megg Jensen

An adoptee raised in a foreign land, sixteen-year-old Lianne was content with her life as handmaiden to the queen, until a spell cast on her at birth activated. Now she's filled with uncontrollable rage and access to magic she thought had been bled from her people years ago. Even her years of secret training in elite hand-to-hand combat and meditation can’t calm the fires raging inside her.

Her heart is torn between two boys, the one she’s always loved and the one who always ignored her. But when the kingdom threatens to tear itself apart due to rumors surrounding the queen’s alleged affair, who will Lianne protect and who will she destroy?

Sleepers should show up on Amazon UK & DE soon.

The paperback should be available in September.


  1. I like the idea giving the character such a fierce temper Amd attitude. It's very different, especially for this genre.

  2. Thanks so much MadMaddiJ! I hope people will embrace Lianne - she's a little difficult. ;)